One a Day: Hulki-puffs!

with Gingerbread Girl
If you visited last Wednesday you'll have seen I decided to make a bench seat-pad for the hallway and that the existing colour scheme was all wrong. 

So this week I've been making Hexipuffs in greens, teals and beige.  

With these new additions, the contents of my project bucket now look like this: 

WEEK 4 TALLY: 86 Hexipuffs

Wow - that means I've made 20 this week! I didn't realise that. 

Each one takes between 40 mins and an hour depending on whether I have to pick-up-and-put-down, which I usually do if the children are here/awake. The aim is to get one done as soon as possible each day and then to cast on another which can be picked up whenever I get the chance (mealtimes are good as the kids can take an hour to eat and I sit knitting and chatting to them) but I must have made quite a few in the evenings too

 And look at this parcel which just arrived from the The Knitting Goddess mini-skein club. 
Aren't they just perfect colours *does a little dance* I can't wait to get started on them. Sadly, Little Miss and a Gruffalo have run off with them, so it looks like I'll have to wait. 

I'm going to pop the kettle on and have a quick catch up with the other One-a-Day posts while she's occupied, but while I have lots of crochet people visiting I wonder if would anyone be able to tell me if they recognise this motif and where I might be able to find it? I can't find any info on the flickr page it comes from. Your help would be appreciated.  

That's it from me for today, pop back tomorrow if you want to see what else I've been working on. 


  1. Your hexipuffs are looking gorgeous, the new colours are lovely :)

  2. I love how you've got a rainbow type effect now :) Love the new skeins too, how cute and the colours are perfect :)

  3. Loving the half rainbow! And I'm sure if you ask lee nicely she could figure out the motif for you? I know shes done a scarf just from a photo of an FO

  4. Your hexipuffs are looking amazing, and your colours are definitely working :) I like how you have laid it out in a rainbow type effect as well :)

    Your new skeins are looking gorgeous and the colours are perfect!

  5. Wow! Fab hexipuffs! Love the new mii skeins for them too!!

  6. Hahaha, thanks for the enthusiasm in your comment on my blog! Your new hexipuffs are really pretty and I'm sure it will fit right in with the green of your hallway! The new yarn is to die for! Wanties!

  7. I do not have time to make a beekeepers quilt. I do not have time to make a beekeepers quilt. I do not have tme to make a beekeepers quilt.


  8. Great new colours!the bench is going to look fab!! xx

  9. Wow, it looks amazing. I´m so in love with it!!!
    I can´t help you with the crochet motif, I wish I could!
    Have a wonderful week! Barbina

  10. I love the colour variations in your hexipuffs - they are looking really great. I like the crochet motif too - it would be good to find the pattern, Judy x

  11. The hexipuffs are getting nicer by the day! What will you do with your new yarn?

    I can imagine how your new crochet pattern is made, but ... Unfortunatelly, I don't know where to find the tutorial,

    And last but not least: Thank you for commenting on my blog. :-)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Your hexipuffs are beautiful, it's lovely to see it grow week by week and the colours continue to dazzle.
    I had a look at the motif but I didn't recognise it, I'l keep my eyes open though, I like an internet hunting challenge!
    Sorry to delete the above post, stupid predictive typing had changed my words, drives me potty!

  14. I love the new tones that you've added with your latest hexipuffs. And the new yarn looks great too!

  15. Your hexipuffs look lovely all arranged like that, your new colours will look great too I'm sure.

    I like the look of that blanket on pintrest, especially the Borders.....I think I must have a serious problem because each time I see a new blanket, I want to make it!

  16. They are just super adorable and OMGosh, how you laid them out! Love it!

  17. I love your little hexipuffs, mine are taking about the same time, I find I get through one half really quick and than dawdle with the other half :) I love your colours. I had a look in my crochet motif book and there was nothing there sorry, but it doesn't look 2 hard to figure out, good luck. xx

  18. I love your new hexipuff colours and they all look fab together. I have to say that I've been very taken with the mini skeins you've been getting - very tempting... ;)

  19. The new colours have blended it all so well it looks like you intended it all along!

  20. The new colours are beautiful, and looks gorgeous with all the other hexi's, wow love the new yarn,xxxx

  21. Gorgeous, I can't wait till the chance to make some of these beauties. Realistically be after christmas now. Now you've downsized the project we'll be able to see a beautiful FO soon!
    Kier x

  22. That's going to make a perfect bench pad! Great idea.

  23. Really gorgeous and just love your colour choice

  24. I love how you are arranging your hexipuffs. The colors just play so well together.

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