It's a Sibling Thing

My sister visited this weekend. Perfect timing as the little ones have been filled with cheekiness and devilment for the last few days and were driving me to distraction. My sister is the perfect antidote as she's so calm, laid-back (horizontal) and relaxed.  

Yesterday I showed her a few basic crochet stitches, and in no time at all she made a perfect (flat, evenly-tensioned) circle for inclusion in my Sitting Room Throw *grin*. More on that later in the week. 

Today we took the little devils darlings to the Adventure Farm Park. I'm not sure who had the most fun! 

Having sent her to the train with hook and yarn, she's almost finished crocheting her first item - a mug cosy based on this one I had pinned to my Crochet board. The girl's a natural! 


  1. Haha thanks for that sair! You don't hang about do you?! Barely got home before you'd published.. Had a lovely weekend, thank you!! Xxx

  2. I know the one about the kids being full of it, we've been scraping our middle boy off the ceiling just about!

    How lovely your sister is such a natural and she has added to your circles, she will have to keep a mental note of which one is hers!

  3. Top banana! We can convert the masses to the dark side :) or at least teach them to crochet!
    Looks like a lovely fun day out.

  4. I often wonder how it goes in families. My siblings are not artistically inclined, nor my parents. But, my Maternal Aunt and her daughter, and my Grandmother are/were avid crafters. My Paternal Aunt her daughter were/are crafters. Go figure, not a big percentage when you look at the total number of family.

  5. Love her! So cute you have a sister who now crochets also and has so much energy.


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