WIP Wednesday (07/09/11): More plans than progress

Following yesterday's hexipuff update, I have little to show you in the way of actual progress with my Beekeeper's Quilt (I completed only 2 more last night and haven't had any knitting time today) but I have several things planned for the next few days so this update is a statement of intent. Once it is "out there", I may actually be motivated to stop knitting those addictive little 'puffs and actually cast on something of more immediate use. So here goes, in order of priority: 

To be cast on ASAP: A new baby girl is expected in the next day or so and I am sure that her mum would love a pair of Saartje's (knitted) Bootees. I'm actually going to use some of my hexipuff stash for these as this soft yarn (Fairytale Dreamtime 4ply Pure Wool) is going to be the perfect for someone who has spent the last 6 years buying clothes for little boys.
Then: If you follow my Twitter feed you'll have seen than ANOTHER of Little Miss' knitted cardigans mysteriously appeared in the tumble dryer *sob* It was too big when I made it and she only just started to wear it so I'm sad (and wondering if it may fit a newborn as it's now a tiny felted jacket) and I need to make her a replacement. I haven't decided on a pattern yet but here is the yarn - King Cole Riot Chunky.
And finally: I have another ball of Regia Extra Twist Merino for hexipuffs - I have already made several in this yarn in a different colourway and it's just so soft and gorgeous I couldn't stop at one colour. Looking forward to trying this out and seeing how it knits up.... but I'm going to attempt to be strong and wait until I have made those booties at least! 
Loads to do and no time to get started - I have an attention-seeking girl today! 

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  1. I love the colours of your King Cole Riot, can't wait to see what pattern you decide on. Good luck in trying to resist the hexipuffs - I haven't started any yet because I know that I'll just stop knitting anything else!

  2. We pause for a moment of silence to mark the passing of a lovely sweater. We hardly knew her, sob!!! Love the yarn and all the plans.

  3. What awesome yarn colors! You have such a great eye when it comes to that.
    Sorry to read the cardi landed in the washer. Yikes! Can she use it for her doll now :O)?

  4. Sorry about the cardi that landed up in the tumble drier, I have had a few of the boys do that, thankfully they have actually grown and now I wear them around the house!!!!

    Love your hexipuffs, no I am not going to sucumb to the pressure.

    Those booties are sooooooo sweet. My head can't figure out the pattern.

  5. I love love love the King Cole Chunky colors! Sorry about the cardi in the washer, but I'm sure the new one will be just as gorgeous, if not more!

  6. Those little booties look cute, cant wait to see them in the wool you have!

    Your daughter is looking very mischievous! but it looks like she is having a bundle of fun!!

  7. Those little Hexipuffs are addictive. Everyone is knitting them.

  8. It's raining Hexapuffs at your place! How fun!

  9. I'm leaving the hexipuffs alone ... I need to finish my log cabin blanket first. That hexipuff business seems very addicting ... I will not succumb; I will not succumb ... LOL!!!

    On another note, your babies are too adorable!!!

  10. Crochet with Raymond7 September 2011 at 20:32

    Oh no! How did her cardigan gat in there! A felted newborn cardigan will be the perfect gift for someone and those riot colours are gorgeous!
    Love that mosaic of your little girl, she is too cute.

  11. The booties are adorable! I'm trying to resist the hexapuff plague, but it gets harder with every blog!

  12. That is such a sweet photo montage of your little one! She is a cutie! Hexapuffs look like so much fun to knit (and play with!)


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