Autumn lurgy!

The weather was interesting last week. Chilly starts awaited us for the school-run each morning, yet by the afternoon it was bright and very sunny - perfect t-shirt weather.  While we are apparently heading for an "Indian Summer" this week, the leaves are changing to yellow and brown and it's decidedly CRUNCHY underfoot on acorn-strewn footpaths. 
I was feeling VERY Autumnal on Friday and planned lots of seasonal crafts and things to do over the weekend, but these cold-to-hot days seem to be good bug-breeding weather and we have all been struck down with some horrid lurgy, so we didn't get to make them. To top it all,  I haven't felt up to knitting or crocheting either. 

On Saturday the lad was really not well so Little Miss went to a friend's birthday party without him. She's not quite 2.5 but was so grown up and excited to be going on her own, and had a lovely time.
Between My Boy recovering and Little Miss and I getting ill, I took them for a trip to Winkworth with their Grandma. It was surprisingly still very green there, although there were some signs of change.

The littlies were delighted to discover this new bench...
.....which they particularly loved as Owl Babies is a favourite book in our house.
They named the babies Sarah, Percy and Bill after the characters in the book.

Last week we collected conkers* and pine cones. I wasn't sure what to do with them but after reading that conkers MAY possibly contain arachnid-repellent properties (the giant spiders at the moment - oh my!) decided that some should certainly live in the sitting room.  Their dark shiny skins are just perfect with candle-light ... although surprisingly difficult to capture on camera. 
You can see more of the things we had intended to make (including some lovely lanterns and a felt leaf garland) by visiting my latest Pinterest board ...

Each time I open my yarn drawer I spot that perfect Autumn yarn (King Cole Riot) do you recognise it? It's my nemesis ...... I'm not sure if I'm ready to tackle it yet, but it would seem a great time to try. So maybe a day of cuddles and Ravelry-broswing for me!
I hope you are well, sniffle-free and enjoying your Monday. I'll be back tomorrow with my One a Day Tally.
*International readers: 'conkers' is the name given to Horse Chestnuts here in the UK and at the moment there are bazillions of them falling to the ground in spiky-cradled glory!


  1. I love the conkers and candles - beautifully autumnal :)

    Sorry to hear you guys aren't feeling well though, I'm still trying to shake off a cold myself!

  2. That bench is wonderful, no wonder the kids were excited. The conker display is gorgeous too. I love the look of conkers and they really sum up Autumn for me and brings back memories of hunting for them with my Grandmother near her house.

  3. There must be a chainsaw artist around at my place, because I found a wooden buzzard (or red kite) while I was strolling through the forest last Friday. However, your bench is more better than my raptor. The baby owls are so cute. :-)

  4. Hope everyone is recovered. Love the candle arrangement. Must get some "conkers" for chasing away spiders here. I hate spiders!!

  5. Your little gal is just adorable w/those cheeks and oh gosh her lovely jumper and necklace. What awesome wood art to stumble upon. That yarn looks beautiful and you're brave to go at it again.

  6. Wow- fantastic pictures today!!!
    I love the wooden owls, they are adorable!!!!
    Love the giant tree as well!
    Hope all the sick people are better now

  7. The yarn is definitely a beautiful color for fall. Hopefully you can make it work for you!


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