Year of Projects - week 7 update

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Sunday again? Wow! 

It's been a busy seven days - a jam-packed-filled-to-the-brim school holiday week - but I've managed to squeeze a bit of knitting and crochet in. All simple straight-forward stuff and not all of it from my Year of Projects list, indeed not all of it that can be shared yet *wink* so it's a VERY short update this evening. 

'One Day Beret' 
Since my last YoP update I've ...
... made the One Day Beret for Little Miss 
... purchased yarn for My Boy's hat, and
... chosen another Kirsten Kapur pattern - Ben's Blue Devil Hat for it
... ordered some blocking wires (the shawl I finished is awaiting these)
... ordered the 200 Crochet Blocks book to plan the "sitting room throw"
... continued the hunt for some nice yarn for Chele and the search has led  to lots of other lovely projects for the ever-expanding queue, but no yarn has caught my eye yet.  

Having lots of simple little projects on the go is fine, it's fun finishing things quickly, but I'm starting to yearn for something more challenging. Once school is back, each day is not quite so exhausting, I'll be ready to start on one of the bigger projects or something that will require a new skill. I began knitting in January and this is the first Summer I've actually been looking forward to long winter evenings and cooler weather :) 

Have a great week! 


  1. I love the hat pattern you have chosen for your boy--in fact, is now tucked away on my favorites page! Fall is certainly just around the corner and for us in Seattle, it will mean chilly damp evenings to sit and knit through! We have not even really had any hot summer weather yet, and here my son starts back to school in just 3 weeks!
    *smiles and happy knitting thoughts sent over the 'net to you*

  2. I love that you are itching to improve your skills. Good luck and have fun.

  3. It's nice to have a couple of things on the go so that you can mix it up between simple, easy quick things and the more challenging stuff!

  4. My kids just went back to school from the summer vacation. Now I have all the time in the world to knit. But I do find I spend more time surfing online than anything else!

  5. Maybe next Summer you can have a go at something fine and lacy. That is what I do in the hot weather, shawls. They are challenging but light. But I am looking forward to knitting big woolly garments again too!

  6. I know what you mean about getting something more challenging and bigger done, I go through stages of small, quick projects, and miss the big ones.

    For a newish knitter your FO is brilliant, well done.

    You can have Winter back, I have had enough of it. Freezing again today.

  7. All of my projects seem to be taking forever, so I just cast on a hat for a quick and easy one ;) I definitely think we need balance as knitters (and I'm looking forward to cooler weather too!)

  8. I'm like you. Sometimes you just need a "big" project to sink your teeth into. For now enjoy the quick finishes.

  9. Love reading your blog, feeling inspired to start a shawl of my own but haven't decided which one yet! What has happened to the list of blogs you follow?

  10. lovely comments - thank you all :)

    @millyhen - I removed the list to update it and there are so many blogs, I haven't quite finished yet - it'll be back shortly with some great new additions :)

  11. Something more challenging. What a great excuse to get some Ravelry time in searching for that perfect project!
    Kier x

  12. Just found you when looking around for something else, you know how it is, you go from one sight to the other a forget how you got there! Your blog is lovely. I absolutely love the year of projects it is a challenge but so inspiring to see them ticked off. I could so do with something like that. I find I have so many ideas, I don't end up doing any of them as I'm too disorganised! I think I may well take a leaf from your book if I may! Thank you!

  13. The beret looks cute! sounds like you are a very busy bee!


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