A 'Year of Projects' update & a half-hearted ta-dah

So another week has passed and while I've been busy knitting the Noro scarf I showed on Wednesday and  another (as yet undisclosed) baby gift, neither of those are on my YoP list and I find myself disappointed that I have nothing new to share with you :( 

I also had a momentary dilema about whether I should add some of the projects I am now planning to make  but I won't be doing that as I published the list as THE List - which I purposely left quite sparse so I'd have time to do lots of other things and I left a few of the items with the pattern undecided to give myself flexibility. (Maybe this says something about my personality?) Still, I wish I had more to show you. 

As it stands, all I have is the No Fuss (No Frog) Shawl that I finished on holiday and couldn't upload last Sunday... and that is still not even blocked. The photos aren't great either...

The bottom left is the most accurate colour - I'll post other 
pictures when it's blocked and there is better light. 

I am pleased to have finally finished something with this Easy Knits Twinkle - it seems 'third time lucky' might be true. The yarn is really nice to knit - even after being frogged twice - and I would use it again in another colourway - not sure which one though, as they are all so pretty.

As for the pattern, only a couple of deviations - there was the error in the final ridge row that I left and I also added some extra stocking stitch rows before the moss stitch border (the bit you can't see because it's all curled up in the pictures *sigh*) and I'm glad I did as it has shown the yarn off much more than the patterned sections. 

Hope you've all had more progress this week - I'll be checking out the other blog posts tomorrow. 

Night night! 


  1. Aw Sarah don't be hard on yourself! that shawl is lovely and I always find that the things I love to make the most are the spontaneous ones and the things I hate making are the ones I've planned :O)
    Your shawl looks lovely. I had started another one in Noro sock but then frogged it as I found a host of other shawls that I can't wait to make, and typical of me I started one I had already made! It is beautiful though and love in the dark colour, wear it with pride!

  2. We all have weeks like this! Your shawl is beautiful, and I think many of us left room on our lists for those projects that will inevitably come up. New patterns never stop being released!
    *smiles and cheery thoughts sent to you*

  3. You have wonderful patience to knit a shawl.
    I always lag on blocking as well. It's like I just finished it (all excited) but now I have to weave in ends? After that, now I gotta block it and weave those wires in somehow to make straight edges?

  4. Your shawl is lovely and the Noro scarf is looking good too. I have some Noro sock yarn that has been pulled out about four times now and I'm still not happy with it so it might just get pulled out again. I like the pattern in yours - is that feather and fan? Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked about the pattern for the baby hat. Its here
    There are four parts to the tutorial but after you watch part 1 you should be able to work it out from there. Very easy. Have a good week. xoxox

  5. Love the shawl, I don't wear them and don't know anyone that would wear one, so I haven't ever put one on a list to make. Not even on my bucket list of things I would like to make before I peg.

  6. I LOVE the colour of your shawl! It will look gorgeous on you. I haven't tried Noro yet because those who love it really love it and others say it's splitty and breaks a lot. It's an expensive mistake if I don't like it!

  7. I love noro yarn and I'm exited to see your finished scarf.
    Also until now I thought that all shawl patterns were advanced lace so I might even que that pattern.

  8. The shawl looks wonderful to me, take a deep breath and appreciate your work.

  9. I feel your frustration! I too sometimes feel like I'm not achieving all I think I should be. But a quick look at your comments should cheer you on and reaffirm your creating beautiful knitting. I think the shawl will look great with the new dreads look.
    kier x

  10. Beautiful shawl! Every project has worth in my view, regardless of whether or not it's on a list.


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