FO Friday 12/08/11: A few ta-dahs!

Happy Friday, everyone! A couple of little things to share with you today so I'll get straight to it. 

Firstly the 24 hour beret is finished and Little Miss loves it. Despite it being the middle of summer she's been running around the house in it (hence the terrible pictures!) I'll definitely be making more of these - I'm fancying one for myself and maybe even a few as gifts as it's so quick, easy and satisfying.  I had to learn a new way to cast off to get it sufficiently stretchy and used this miraculous elastic bind off tutorial which was also very easy to follow. So all in all a great little project - and another of my Year of Projects items completed :) 

And finally the little baby gift that is en route to it's new home. (I hope they are too busy to be reading craft blogs as I doubt it will arrive until tomorrow). It's called Sunset Meadow - one of the recipient's middle names is Meadow. 

I used the pattern from the Baby Eyelet Cardi which I have made before (here) and made only the first eyelet row as this yarn - Patons Smoothie DK -  really didn't need anything more than stocking stitch. It's also a bit longer than the pattern and has some cufflink-style closures to make it adjustable - yes, these KEEP popping up in my knitting!

This is another great quick knit - or it would have been if I hadn't run out of yarn before finishing the sleeves which caused a delay. 

I have so much more I'm planning at the moment and we're about to head out for a few hours so no time to stay here chatting but don't forget to check out what everyone else has finished at Tami's Amis. xxxx


  1. These both look gorgeous! I love quick knits!

  2. Both look great, I love the little hat and the ingenious cufflink style button closure :)

  3. those buttons are awesome. I've never seen ones that can me moved like that before!

    I like the idea of that bind-off tutorial. I do one similar on shawls, but the silk shawls refuse to listen and stretch so I always end up doing a regular bindoff with a huge needle, or Jeni's stretchy bindoff.

  4. I LOVE the cardi. Such a clever idea of the buttons that can be adjusted. Only a woman would have thought of that!!!

  5. The hat is so cute, and so is Little Miss!

    And I love the yarn you used for Sunset Meadow (Which by the way is gorgeous!), need to get myself some of that! And what a clever idea to do adjustable buttons, genius!

  6. Oh that hat is pretty, as is Little Miss :)

    That cardigan is lovely too and the buttons are a great idea. Have a lovely weekend x

  7. as usual, your stuff is stunning! love it! happy fof day! :)

  8. A busy happy kid - no wonder every shot is blurred :) She looks very charming in her new beret!

  9. Love the hat and the sweater is precious!! I need to start on 2 toddler sweaters and a baby sweater. Oh, and a baby blanket is waiting to be done!!!

  10. Lovely stuff Sarah, gosh how cute is she looking?!
    Love your cufflinks, such a great idea. x

  11. Little Miss is just beautiful! Her fair skin gosh and those blue eyes oh!
    Sweet job on that baby cardi. Love, love the colorway chosen! The little buttons are too cute as well!

  12. Everything you shared is super cute!! I'm definitely going to look at the tutorial you linked to, as well. :D

    What a cute little girl -- you can clearly see how happy she is in that photo (doesn't look too blurry to me)!

  13. The beret is so cute---the stretchy-bind-off bit looks great---and I'm glad it's already been well-received (and looks beyond adorable on its recipient!).

    And that baby cardi is fabulous, the colours are like a symphony.

  14. love the cardi, so bright and cheerful :D

  15. Very cute hat! Thanks for the link to the cast off method - might give that a try! :-)

  16. Oh my gosh they look lovely! Very precious!!!!


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