Year of Projects - week 4 update

Eek! It's week 4 already and I am barely started on my list! (This is a scheduled post as I'm away so I hope I've already managed LOADS more progress by the time you read this!!!)
This week I ...
  • added a new page to keep a track of my YoP list and progress (or lack thereof)
  • knitted about 6 more rows on the No Fuss (No Frog) shawl - ignoring the mistake I made the last time I worked on it, and still unhappy about that, but feeling unable to frog the poor yarn AGAIN! (It's on it's 3rd incarnation already - the fates of the others are here and here) - so I may have to make a few modifications to the remainder :)
It's disappointing that the only two colours of the yarn available when I ordered are so similar, maybe I should have waited until after Knit Nation when stock had been replenished...? It means there is very little variation in the colours, but I'm going to carry on and make it anyway. It may be necessary to make another in other colours as well :)
I'm taking both these projects away with me but am unlikely to be able to post an update next week, so hopefully there will have been significant progress when you see them next!
Enjoy the next week, and I'll catch up on all your YoP week 4 posts as soon as I can!


  1. Such prettiness! Well, if you need to buy more yarn, you need to buy more yarn. Have a lovely holiday!

  2. Have a great week! Very interesting scarf pattern!

  3. Love those colors, very pretty together. Hope you're having a wonderful trip.

  4. I think the colours looks great together. Have a fantastic holiday. xx

  5. You could always add colours in later. But I love these that you have got. Enjoy Holiday!

  6. That scarf is awesome! and it is totally quality over quantity right? (or at least that's what i've been telling myself)

  7. Hope you get some good knitting and crocheting in on your holiday. Keep on chuggin'.

  8. I'm only getting around to posting my list now! I love that yarn. Your scarf will be beautiful!.

  9. Gah! Are we already 4 weeks in? I love the idea of creating a page for YoP. That scarf is going to be awesome!

  10. I actually love these colors together, they match lovely! But buying more yarn is always fun!! Great that you've added a page for YoP, I also did that cuz I'm a bit messy with my list, it keeps on changing! :D Happy Crafting! x Lily

  11. Nice job! There always seems to be more projects than time.


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