WIP Wednesday (06/07/11): More of the same

Hi! I'll keep today's Work in Progress update brief as it's not much different from Sunday's Year of Projects post. First up - the shawl that is now living back in my handbag after making way for granny squares for a few weeks. I've added a few rows here and there and it's coming along. It's not terribly exciting, but  after the bright colours I'm crocheting, it's a nice contrast.

And of course THE Blanket which is now sporting four-and-a-bit border rounds, and is going to take a few more before I'm done...

I'm also on the look out for a few more patterns that aren't going to be on my YoP list but that I really want to make soon:
  • A nice 'throw over' sweater for Little Miss before our holiday - should only take a few days to make and I already have some pretty and supersoft Patons Smoothie DK so just need to decide on a pattern and I can get started.
  • A hairband/headband to wear my hair off my face - I haven't found anything I like on Ravelry, but I'm thinking a tube knit in the round might do. I have some yarn leftover from the Noro Boneyard Shawl which might work - just need to figure out how many stitches to cast on. 
  • A nice but simple lacy scarf to make on holiday with the single ball of Noro I picked up a few weeks ago. 
Any suggestions? 

We're off out now for Body Balance (me) and some playtime at the creche (Little Miss) but will be back to check out the other links on Tami's Amis later. Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday [or Thursday, depending on where you are ;-) ] xx


  1. Your shawl is going to look lovely in that yarn, love the sparkle!

    Quant (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/quant) headband looks fab in Noro

  2. The blanket is looking fantastic!

    I love Patons Smoothie - it's so very soft, so I bet it'll be a gorgeous little sweater :)

  3. I'm so excited to see the blanket Ta-Dah!

    Patons Smoothie is gorgeous (if a little squeaky to knit with) and it will make a lovely sweater.

  4. That granny square is so beautiful! Love the colors!!!

  5. The blanket is just gorgeous, and I'm in awe at how quickly you've made it.

    I'm knitting a simple lace stole (it's on rav, sorry no link I'm nak!), not sure if that's the kind of thing you're after?

  6. I drool every time I see the colours in your granny blanket!

  7. LOVE the blanket!!! The border makes it all come together so nicely.. Great job!

  8. The shawl already looks great. And the colors on the blanket are so juicy!

  9. Pretty x 2....a little here and a little there, and before you know it, one of the projects will be done.

  10. heavenly - I need that blanket :-)

  11. Love the shawl. It's going to be great.
    And, you might like this pattern for an easy lace scarf. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/montego-bay-scarf

  12. The blanket is just amazing!! I've put the shawl in my faves, too. Hooray for long faves lists!

  13. I love how the blanket just pops!
    Good for you on doing Body Balance. I am horrible when it comes to exercise.

  14. I can see how working on the shawl is relaxing for your eyes after looking at all those granny squares for weeks! Good luck on finishing both projects!

  15. I can imagine going crazy with all the granny squares! Love the blanket and shawl.

  16. Love the yarn for the shawl. The blanket is coming out awesome!!!

  17. Hi Sarah - just wanted to let you know that I was recently awarded The Stylish Blogger Award, and I'd like to pass it on to you as I love your site! Please visit the post at my blog, Dancing in the Rain, at http://rainydaycrafter.blogspot.com to pick up your award. Congratulations! :)


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