What a weekend!

It's been a manic weekend with TWO birthday parties yesterday followed a celebration of My Boy's 5th birthday with 22 other children, close family & friends and Magic Marty today! 

We are all completely exhausted but it was worth it as he really did have a magical time and I think all the other children enjoyed it too. My family have driven back to Wales and the house is now back to some sort of order, albeit with an unbelievable amount of gifts - people are so incredibly generous. 

For his actual birthday (Tuesday) he's asked to open his gifts from us when he gets home from school and to have his favourite "treat" -  a Chinese takeaway :) 

With all the organising, entertaining and catering, I haven't had time for much crafty-ness this week and my Year of Projects update is a little light as a result, but here goes! 

I decided that my next project should be the Queenie's Lula Crochet Scarf. This week I bought the pattern, ordered the yarn and new hooks and started practicing the flowers while I waited for it to all arrive. They were looking cute and I thought of making something with them, but sadly the inconsistent Noro I was using just wasn't up to the job, and while I was tightening the centre of the third flower to sew in the end, the yarn snapped :( 

But the positive news is that the pattern is great - really easy to follow and should be fine for a relative crochet novice such as myself. 

The Natural Dye Studio yarn used in the pattern arrived yesterday and once it's been on the yarn winder I'll be ready to get started. Isn't it pretty? It's 100% British Blue Faced Leicester wool and feels gorgeous - it's going to make such a lovely scarf. 

Three skeins of Araucania Aysen also arrived - it was bought to make a Hudson Hat or two for my YoP, but it's so delicious it may end up as something else *grin* I have used this yarn before in another colourway and it's just so wonderful - smooth, silky and incredibly beautiful. It was a total pleasure to knit so I'm quite excited to have more of it.

And that's just about it!  Hopefully I have something to show you next week before we head off on our holiday, and in the meantime I'll be checking out the other YoP posts from this week

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  1. Happy birthday to your boy for Tuesday!

    I love those flowers, such a shame that the yarn wasn't up to it. But you do have some lovely wool lined up for the job.... Great goodies too! Have a lovely week x

  2. Happy Birthday to the little guy. Birthdays are so magical at that age.

    Your yarns are beautiful and anything you make with them will be stunning.
    *smiles and happy creating*

  3. Happy 5th to the little gentleman!

    I am drooling over the yarns.

  4. I've not seen than araucania before - it is beautiful. That is quite a selection of hooks - I'm yet to try out a clover hook.

    Happy birthday little man xx

  5. The colors in the yarns are beautiful! I'll be watching to see what you make with the Aysen - I have a skein myself, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I'll want ideas!

    And I love the Clover hooks - I only have one, but when I crochet I love using it.

  6. Love you goodies, am dead jealous! Can you please let me know where you order from I'm new to online ordering and would like to start.

  7. What Noro yarn are you using ? I finished my Noro Taiyo scarf this week and am happy with the result. Hope the birthday boy had a great day !

  8. Hate it when the yarn snaps, or you hit a knot or otherwise bad spot in the yarn. Hope that doesn't continue for you.

  9. Wow love the colours of the yarn in your picture. It can get really hectic with little ones around. My youngest's birthday isn't till September and already he's talking about his Birthday.
    I have the quilting in no time book. It has some lovely projects in it.x

  10. @RubyMad - I use a few different places to purchase online - the first places I look are usually http://www.celticove.com/ and http://www.deramores.com/ and after that I google for prices and availability although I bought the NDS yarn direct :)

    @Dorothy - the Noro pictured is Kureyon Sock which I have used for quite a few knitting projects with no problems but it's quite uneven (and knotty) and there are weak spots in it every here and there.

  11. Oh those flowers look so pretty! And I'm jealous of your yarn! I love all the colors in this post, yum!

    I hope you and the birthday boy have a lovely day tomorrow! x Lily

  12. Happy belated birthday to your little boy.
    I love your flowers and cant wait to see the actual scarf, pity about the yarn.
    Your new yarn looks quite yummy and I'm sure it will make some wonderful projects.

  13. Hau 'oli la hanau to your little gentleman. You guys are so hardcore to celebrate twice in a day. I can't handle that altho for my 4 year old we went to Six Flags for six hours and then had take out pizza for dinner w/my ohana.
    You are such a crocheting inspiration. I bought a Clover hook to try. I like it the width of the handle. I may have to get more.

  14. Lovely bundle of goodies there Sarah and those flowers are very pretty.

  15. Lovely yarns, the green is especially drool worthy

  16. OOOOh! so many pretty yarns can't wait to see what you make with it!


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