Sunday catchup (and my first YoP update)

I haven't been around much for the last few days - it's been a busy weekend here with the sun shining (and me sweltering beneath a half-finished acrylic blanket!)

Knitted lavender heart
kit & knitting doll
D was working yesterday so the children and I went out and about for much of the day, including the local pre-school sports/fun day which, and we got to see Christine and her family.

Today we had some of our family around to celebrate D's sister's birthday. It was a really lovely day with good company and lots of laughter. D's sister is one of the most generous people I know, and despite it being her birthday, she came bearing lots of gifts. The kids were very taken with the lovely things they had (although I think My Boy's loudhailer may have to get "lost" soon!) but I definitely think I had the nicest things - some of them were even crafty and are now in pride of place on the Cwtch windowsill.   

In other news, after co-sleeping in the master bedroom for 26 months (we have a king-size bed with a bedside cot to create one huge sleeping space) Little Miss said she wanted to sleep in her own bedroom and has done so for the last two nights....with me wedged into a single bed with her! I'm so pleased that it was her choice to move in there and will now stay with her (in a truckle bed) until she's happy alone. I will really miss snuggling up to her warm little body, and the way she reaches out for a cuddle in the night, so I am not in any particular hurry. She is growing up so quickly - her language skills have suddenly taken a giant leap (from "chocolockle" to "toast with Nutella please Mum" literally overnight!) and now she's in her own bed too. Where has our baby gone? *sob* 

My Boy has been especially lovely for the last few days and wrote this note to me yesterday morning

He makes my heart melt with his cheeky smile and generous hugs (which usually start with "I have something for yoooou..").  He's now counting down the days until his birthday party (14), and the end of the school year (18).

Amidst all the busy-ness there's been a bit of crafting too - not a lot, but just about enough to post my first little update for A Year of Projects.

Crochet Granny Blanket - After THREE evenings (phew!) I've finally joined together all 99 squares using the tutorial from Attic 24 and am pleased with the results - there are still many ends to deal with but the back should look fairly neat when that's done. 

I've also just completed the first two border rows. 

Pattern: Based on Attic 24 Granny Square blanket
Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK Assorted colours pack
There's a lot more work to go into this before it's finished as I'd like at least half a dozen rounds of border plus my largest needle went AWOL so that needs to be replaced before I can sew in the remaining ends. At a guess I'd say it's probably another week's work. And it's HOT under that blanket, so adding one round to the border is enough each evening - after that I need to get it off my lap!

The No-fuss (no-frog) shawl has also had a couple more ridge sections completed after being carried around in my handbag - it really is the perfect project to work on a little at a time. The yarn has quite a bit of stretch and I think it will look quite different when it's blocked. This seems a much better pattern for this yarn than the shawlette I originally cast on and frogged (here) a couple of months ago. 

Pattern: No Fuss Shade Loving Shawl by Susan Ashcroft Designs
Yarn: Easy Knits Twinkle in Crushed Charcoal

I have so much to catch up on after a weekend away from Blogland, so I'm off now to see what everyone else is up to.  I do hope you've all had a wonderful weekend.  


  1. You have such a cute blog! Love your son's note to you; those spontaneous little acts are just priceless. How brave of you to cosleep with your daughter for so long. I couldn't take their crying as babies after awhile and kicked the babies to their own spaces in the months stage.
    I love how you were crocheting a half acrylic blanket in the sweltering heat b/c that's what I did today outside. I'm in San Francisco, CA in the USA and believe me we aren't used to sunny weather as we're known for fog here!
    Beautiful bold colors you've chosen for that Granny Square blanket. Does it seem quicker to crochet up the squares and then seam them together? I'm just going around and around on the same square, 24 inches done and 1 more foot to go.

  2. Thanks :)

    I've found it quick to make all the squares, as I had a little production line going (there is a post about it somewhere - ah here but it did take a while to join them together *shrug*

    Good luck with yours :)

  3. It was lovely to see you all too :) Glad they both enjoyed the biscuit decorating!

    In her own room??!! That future for us seems so far away, even her own bed some nights is too much to expect ;)

  4. I love all those beautiful bright colours in your granny blanket. Look forward to seeing a pic when its all finished.

  5. Oh wow, your granny blanket looks like it's going to be beautiful when you've finished doing all the sewing up - I can never seem to get squares to lie together properly when I sew up so I'm going to follow your link to attic 24 and see if I can find out how to do them properly!

  6. What a lovely weekend!

    I love your granny squares blanket, it's so nice to watch it growing! It will look fantastic with a big deep border.

  7. your seams are so neat! I love it!

  8. Hi I love Attic 24 too. The summer garden granny is on my list for come blog a long. Looking forward to seeing more.x

  9. Little Man's note is so precious! I love it!

    You joining looks fab lady, and the blanket is looking brilliant!!! I bet it kills now to be under it but in the winter it will be the most loved blanket in your house! xxx

  10. Great update and WIPs ... love the granny square blanket colors! So happy!

  11. Beautiful Blog and congrats on getting your little one in her own bed! I'm loving that granny square blanket. Gorgeous

  12. Great projects! Love the colors! Kids are fun!

  13. Lovely projects. Thanks for dropping by!


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