WIP Wednesday (8/6/11) - MORE shawls...?!!?!

I missed 'Finished Object Friday' last week as I had nothing finished, but if you're a regular WIPW/FOF visitor you may like to see this post for some finished crochet cushion covers :) And now they are finished, and while I'm still deciding exactly how I want my crochet blanket to look, I have cast on a couple of shawls. 

The first is a pattern I bought MONTHS ago, but I didn't know which yarn I wanted to use... until I spotted this King Cole Riot and Baby Alpaca a couple of days ago. 

So I've finally cast on the Faraway, So Close shawl by Carina Spencer. I got the pattern after finishing the Stitch Sampler Shawl which is similar but rectangular -  at the moment I prefer triangular shawls, both to knit and to wear, so I think this should be a good one. 

Not much progress so far, but I'm quite excited to have a nice knitting project on the go again after a week of no knitting at all. 

And I have also cast on the EasyKnits Twinkle AGAIN! I'm hoping it's third time lucky for this lovely yarn. I've decided to go with a very simple pattern so I can have one thing on the go that doesn't require any particular effort or concentration. It's Susan Ashcroft's No-fuss shade-loving Shawl.

And that's it for now. I am itching to start a crochet granny blanket but can't decide which design I like . I *think* these are my favourites by Lucy of Attic 24...

                                                                      Source: attic24.typepad.com via Sarah on Pinterest

... hopefully I will have started by next Wednesday and have something to show you. 

Now I'm off to view the other works in progress via Tami's Amis
Hope you have a great day


  1. Those shawls look lovely - I love the King Cole riot colours (I bought some myself recently), I bet it looks stunning when it's finished :)

  2. I have the King Cole Riot yarn in that shade too. I was going to knit a Boneyard with it but now I'm not so sure.

    It works really well with the alpaca.

    I vote for the Summer Garden blanket :)

  3. i vote the summer garden too!
    and those king cole colour ways are yummy *drools*xx

  4. lovely lovely lovely shawl... it is going to look amazing when finished and I to concur with the summer garden :)

  5. Lovely shawls! Will be checking out the no fuss one - just the ticket!
    I'm going to go against the tide with the blanket, I like the different sized squares one.

  6. What do you think of the Riot so far ? I saw some from a distance and thought it was Noro ....

  7. I made one project with the King Cole Riot yarn and I am in love ! Love the colour way of yours.what number is it. I hope my LYS will stock more of it.

  8. @Vivianne - the Riot feels much smoother than any of the Noro I have used - it's quite silky feeling and very even/consistent - there are no slubs or anything. The content is only 30% wool and although it's a bit fluffy it isn't very "woolly" to touch or smell. The yarn I used for the Stitch Sampler was Lang Yarns Mille Colori and this is quite similar to that although the Mille Colori was a bit more sheepy - ie it felt and smelled like knitting with wool.
    For the price, I think this is really nice and provided it wears well, I think I may well be using it for a number of other projects.

    @Pearlin J, the colourway is 410. I can't wait to knit some more of it as the colours on the ball are delicious. I also noticed it's pretty much the EXACT same colour scheme as our sitting room so this shall be called the Sitting Room Shawl - I've taken some pics of my eureka moment on that one and will post them when I've made more progress with the knitting :)

  9. Your shawls are lovely! Both granny square afghans are beautiful so whichever you make yours will be great.

  10. I have queued the faraway shawl - you are such a bad enabler!!! Loved your cushions too - my gran has a cushion very similar that she made from unraveled kids jumpers. She likes pointing out 'that was from you mums school jumper and that bit your uncles top' :-) xx

  11. Love that first shawl, the colors will be gorgeous!

  12. Wow, really loving that Riot colorway. I can't wait to see more of the striping as you continue the project!

  13. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOLALA sums up my feelings on that shawl...wow those colors!!!!

  14. Wow, I wasn't crazy about the Riot yarn in the skein, but then I LOVE it worked up! Isn't it funny how that works?! The colors are beautiful and are perfect with that pattern. I vote the blanket on the right, with the different sized squares.

  15. I vote for the first crochet quilt pattern.

    I love the shawls. I am not much of a triangle shawl wearer and have only knitted one but...plan to cast on the second one soon.

  16. The shawls are going to be lovely. As for the granny projects, I like the second photo.

  17. That Faraway, So Close shawl is really going to be a stunner, the colours and pattern are just beautiful.

    I adore both of those blankets, too, I can't wait to see which one you choose and watch the squares appear. It will almost be like making one myself. ;)

  18. Both shawls look lovely. I love the interesting textures and colors of the Faraway, So Close shawl.

  19. Lovely shawls, I love the colors you picked!

  20. Beautiful shawls! Everything is off to a great start.


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