Oh hello!

Just about to dash out for a family lunch, but I see that the lovely Alice has sent you over! So this is just a quick welcome to you *wave*. There's not much crochet here at the moment as I'm busy making MORE granny squares for my blanket (and wondering if it's rude to crochet at lunch...?).

Anyway, thanks for popping in - and please do say hello and feel free to link so I can say hello back. 

Happy Sunday to you!


  1. Heheheee, yesterday I was wondering if it would be rude to crochet during a wedding service... I'm obsessed with crocheting circles for a blanket.

  2. I used to crochet during my lunch break at work but I no longer work. I was retrenched because they were overstaffed due to a downturn in the industry, not because of what I did during my lunch break. There days I crochet whenever I can find the time (ie when I not driving, browsing or sleeping).

  3. I think it's amazing that there are still more crafty blogs for me to find! I already follow like 300, and now I follow yours too! :)

    On the subject of crocheting during lunch, that's not rude at all. Whenever I have to go to a birthday party (which I really hate) I always bring a WIP, some needles and some yarn, and before long half of the birthday party people are crocheting along with me ;)

    My blog is here: http://acreativebeing.com


  4. Hi,
    I'm glad I popped over to see your lovely blog. Your crochet squares are so colorful and should work up in to a beautiful blanket. Crochet or Knit at lunch? Absolutely...It is a great way to shift from work 'thinking' and give ourselves a much needed break. Wish I could figure out how to bring my crochet into a work meeting without the boss going bonkers. As I sit there listening to 'whatever' I think, boy I could be making some real progress if I had my project with me.

  5. Hi, yes, the lovely Alice sent me. Love the shawl pattern, I'm doing a bit of knitting but got 'hooked' on crochet and that is my love at the moment.
    I will visit again.
    Carol xx

  6. Hi, I followed the link from "Crochet with Raymond" and I am so happy I did, this is a beautiful blog! And in this global age it is nice to find a lovely new-to-me crafty blog from someone in the SE England.

    I too love the shawl pattern, it'll definitely go to my queue.

    Heidi (from Kent)

  7. I followed the "Raymond" link too and I'm so glad I did. Just a flying visit now but I will be back to read more later. your crochet squares arebeautiful btw.

  8. Hello, hello from me too! I followed the link to you last week when you commented on 'Crochet with Raymond' and instantly fell in love with your blog :-)

    Kate (another SE England blogger from Hampshire)

  9. Hi there, just popped over from Alice's blog - you have some lovely things on here. That shawl pattern is gorgeous.


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