More clouds and a little sewing

It seems I may be turning into a cloud bore. My recent skyward fixation has not gone unnoticed as Little Miss took great pains to point out the lovely cloud formations when we walked home this morning ("Mummy, the sky blue, clouds - there!"). I'm actually starting to wish I'd studied Geology at school - it seemed pointless to be able to name cloud formations when I was 16, but now it feels absolutely relevant and a skill I am lacking. 

Anyhow, it's been a quiet day or so here. Little Miss has been a bit run-down (still wondering if it could be hayfever), and My Boy is so exhausted after school this week that we've had 3 of 4 afternoons where he's fallen asleep on the floor or beanbag straight after coming home - and the other afternoon (yesterday) ended in a complete meltdown over nothing at all. I really feel for the poor tired soul - he is shattered. Can't wait for the weekend!

I've made a little (tiny) progress on the Faraway, So Close/ Sitting Room Shawl and am somewhat frustrated by the King Cole Riot, which is lovely but seems to be falling off the ball in clumps so that I am constantly working from a tangle of yarn ...

I may need to wind the rest of this and the other ball on my yarn winder to get a more sensible centre-pull ball.  Why don't they come that way by default?

And this evening I've made a very simple backpack for Little Miss - she is obsessed with bags, so I'm looking forward to giving it to her tomorrow. I didn't have a suitable pattern so I just made it up from some Ikea fabric I bought last week. She's into pockets, so I added a couple to the front.

(Darn that awful artificial light!) 
And that's about it for today. Oh no - one last thing - rather than spamming these pages with the 30 day Photo Challenge pics every single day, I've been adding them to the Flickr Group and you should also be able to see them on the widget in the sidebar if you are so inclined and are viewing the full web version of this page. I'll add a few favourites here in my other posts. 

I'll leave you with a picture of (poorly) little lady in our new Natibaby "Poppy Dream" wrap which arrived this week. It's times like these I am so grateful for babywearing - no matter how unwell she is, being comforted in a sling is always the thing that settles and relaxes her.

I won't have any Finished Objects tomorrow, but I'll be back 
with {this moment} - hope to see you then, 
Night night 

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  1. that backpack is adorable! I love making bags of all sorts. And that bottom pic of you and your little one is too sweet.


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