Frivolous Friday

Hello and a happy Friday to you!

Guess what..... IT'S SUNNY!!!!!! I know! I couldn't believe it either, but it's been a glorious morning, and Little Miss and I headed off to Guildford as soon as My Boy was safely delivered to school. 

We hadn't realised that it's the first of the nine-day Summer Festival Market and stalls were being set up along the (sunny) side of the street while we were there. I've been to the Festival several times and bought some really beautiful handcrafted items - from jewellery to leather goods, home-wares and clothes. We could see some fabulous things were being unpacked - in particular some very beautiful wooden bowls and stunning silverware *swoon*. (I'm actually REALLY glad the stalls were not all set up, as I was on strict instructions not to spend too much with three family birthdays, a party for My Boy's 5th, and our summer holiday all within the next few weeks.) 

Thanks to the Cath Kidston sale we managed to come home with a few things - a new tablecloth, some matching fabric to make bunting for the dresser and Little Miss chose a small shopping basket.

And when she'd eventually finished smoothing every piece of fabric and checking out all the purses, she wanted to go to the coffee shop for cake. Bags and cake - I can't think where she gets it from *innocent look*. 
A HUGE chocolate coin was far more tempting than pancakes!

Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn - colour S240
At this point I should mention that in order to walk from the coffee shop to the car park, it's necessary to go right past my favourite yarn shop. It would have been VERY rude not to pop in and say hello, wouldn't it? So we called in and I restrained myself to only a single ball of my favourite yarn - just enough to make a nice little scarf or something while we're on holiday.

That's it on my beautiful Natural Linen Indio ring sling, which saved some tired little legs on the way back to the car - she had done so well considering Guildford town centre is essentially a steep hill with shops on it.

After the frantic Grannying of the last week, I took Wednesday and Thursday "off" from my crochet and I have nothing new to show you. Hopefully there will be something to show next Friday :) 


  1. I used to live not far from Guildford - Pyrford and then Chobham :)

    Looks like you had a lovely day - I'm hoping there are somethings left in the Cath Kidston sale next week when I've got some money!

    Enjoy your weekend xx

  2. oh, were you here yesterday.I live just in the middle of the centre.Would love to meet up for a cuppa next time you are here,if you fancy :)

  3. @Isil - I'd love that - I'll contact you next time we're coming x


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