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I love seeing the monthly mosaics on some of my favourite blogs, and while I don't have a mosaic for you, I do have a few favourite photos from the month. The June 30 day Photo Challenge finishes today although I seem to have arrived at the 30th June with only 21 photos uploaded - hmmm....  

Anyway, these are the four pictures I like the most from that 21.

It's been fun to do this and really great to see how the other people have interpreted each day's topic on the flickr group. I also liked the subjects such as "clouds" which were not necessarily open to much interpretation but were so different when taken in many diverse places, a reminder that our individual lives and perspectives are such a small part of the whole. I'd definitely like to take part in something like this again - and hopefully next time I'll manage to take (AND upload!) a picture every day. 

Crafting time in June has been completely dominated by crochet. From the first Granny Square I made at my Mum's in Wales that later became a cushion cover...

... to the 100 smaller squares I'm breaking my back to join together at the moment (carrying a 2 year old on my back in a wrap is nothing compared with bending over to join those little blighters - impossible to do upright, it seems).

As I sit here joining squares, I've been reflecting on the first half of the year and I'm really happy about the little things I've achieved so far such as:
  • learning to read & follow knitting patterns 
  • learning to crochet 
  • completing 28 knitting & crochet projects 
  • writing a pattern of my own (okay, it's only a doll's cardigan, but it's a start!) 
  • sewing some (very basic) clothes for my children 
  • blogging and finding lots of other 'voices' I love so much! 

In the grand scheme of things these do seem incredibly trifling, but having left behind a challenging 'working life' to care for a family, these little things have actually come to mean so much. It's about having something for oneself, a little something that nourishes you as a person. (I'm much happier now than I was this time last year, and that can only be a good thing for everyone!!!) 

If you haven't already done so, I'd encourage you to think about the good things you've achieved so far in 2011, especially those that are about YOU and your journey - it's surprisingly empowering, and something that is easily and frequently overlooked. The great news is there are still six more months to get cracking on anything you haven't started! Go on, what're you waiting for?! xxxx

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