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As my project 'queue' is getting longer by the week, and I keep thinking of MORE things I'd like to make for the Autumn/Winter, I have decided it would be a good idea to get myself organised and join in with the knitting and crochet Blog-A-Long which starts next month.

The list! 
The rules in summary :
- on July 1st blog a list of all the projects/patterns you'll commit to make during the year
- each Sunday blog a progress update

The decision to join in has not been made without hesitation - initially I worried that committing to making things would make crafting a bit of a chore and take the fun out of it, but I've decided that providing I don't over-commit and leave time for other things I find along the way too, it could be great fun - plus adding a 'community' dimension to these solo crafts is good for staying motivated!

I've started a provisional list which you can view on Pinterest if you'd like a peek, and I'll publish the final lineup here on July 1st. If you'd like to join in with the Blog-A-Long, you can get all the details and sign up by visiting the Ravelry group.

Hope to see you there!


  1. mmmm I'd be worried to about the chore aspect of committing to projects. I always feel like this at Christmas when i set myself endless presents to make. Once Christmas is over I loose my crafting mojo for a couple of months and I think it's due to the chore aspect of Christmas making (despite the fact I get huge enjoyment from the making and giving).

    You've picked some lovely projects though. I've made the teapot cosy and its one of my favourite projects ever. Love the baubles too. Fable is absolutely beautiful.

    Can you invite me to join Pinterest - I'm a bit confused about how you join but I love lists so obviously need to get on there lol.

  2. this is a cool idea! Because let's face it, if you don't actually finish it, it's not like you're going to get in trouble! :O)
    Sounds fun and I'll pop along and see what you have planned to make!!!
    Have a lovely week,
    love Alice XXX

  3. Clare - I've just sent you an invite, happy pinning!

    Alice - great to see you here, you have a lovely week too xxx

  4. I was thinking about doing do this, but I will have to much other stuff going on, so I am excited that your taking part! Will look forward to your Sunday updates :) xx

  5. I love this. One of my favorite things is making lists and checking off items one by one. I get such pleasure out of this I'm totally joining in. I think I'll use your button too. Thank you!


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