WIP Wednesday (11/5/11) - Dem Bones, dem bones...

A quick WIPW from me as I'm at a hospital appointment with My Boy today. 

I eventually listened to my instincts and frogged last week's 'works in progress' so it's all change here and with all the sewing for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge I haven't had very much time to knit, but I cast on Stephen West's Boneyard Shawl a few nights ago and have picked it up when I've had chance to. 

I'm using more Noro Kureyon Sock yarn which I love in stocking stitch as the yarn is varied and textured (and holey-looking) enough to provide interest even in this very simple pattern.

My plan (at the moment) is to make it BIG. Something I can throw on with jeans and a casual top - yes, I admit it, I was inspired by the shawl The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) was spotted in while grocery shopping and wanted something to wear in the same way - but lighter, cool enough for the summer I am hoping for.  

Of course I may get fed up with knitting it before it's that size so I'll remain open minded about it and just keep on knitting! 

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Wishing you a great day xxxx


  1. I love that Kate shawl too and have popped a few similar designs in my queue on Rav, I'm keeping my eye out for some pretty yarn first though!

  2. OOh *heads off to look at Carole's Rav queue* - thanks xxx

  3. ooooh i will have a peek too hehehe!

    sarah you could totally rock that design! very glam!


  4. The shawl is looking great so far :D

  5. Good luck on the shawl, love the colors. I always look at Noro and never end up buying it, it always feels scratchy to me. Is it better after worked up?

    Hope your son is ok, and that he's being there at the hospital isn't anything serious.

  6. The colour changes look fab. One of the great things with shawls is the ability to stop when you are bored. Hope everything is ok with your son

  7. Thanks all - My Boy is fine thank you - he had a hearing test and all is well :)

  8. I only just heard to this Kate Middleton Shawl, I say well done for bringing shawls to the masses - and for doing her own grocery shopping, not that she'll be doing that anymore now she's Royal! Your shawl is in a lovely colourway. I'm sure you will be very happy together!

    (from the ex-CraftyCripple)

  9. Ooh, that yarn really is working up beautifully---you're right that the yarn itself adds interest to a simple (but lovely) pattern, and I hope you don't get tired of knitting it before it turns out the size you're imagining. A big shawl sounds like a lovely idea to me. :)

  10. Who could help but NOT be inspired by the Duchess Kate shawl? Love it...

  11. Your shawl is going to be beautiful -- Noro is a perfect choice for that pattern.

  12. The yarn looks beautiful with that simple pattern! If the pattern were any busier, it wouldn't show off the yarn as well.

    Love Kate's shawl! Wow!

  13. Beautiful shawl. And the Noro is perfect for it. Glad to hear your boy is well, and nice work on spring cleaning the WIPs. Hooray for fresh starts!

  14. Glad to hear that The Boy is fine.

    Now on to the knitting. I'm really liking the way the colours on the shawl integrate. I definitely think it'll look superb if you go BIG.

    Happy knitting!


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