WALES Day 1: There's a reason Wales is so green!

After a long and thankfully uneventful journey, we arrived in Caerphilly yesterday afternoon. As is all too frequently the case it started raining just before we approached the Severn Bridge into Wales and hasn't stopped since - a distinct difference from the blue skies we left at home. I am hoping this means we get our entire allocation of Welsh rain now, and not during our summer holiday here in July!

Who turned off the colour?

My mum/"Nanna"'s house was wrecked within an hour (possibly an all-time record!) and when there were no more toys and books to pull out and re-discover, they made more mess preparing dinner:

Making French bread pizza with Nanna while Oscar tries to ignore them!
After a good sleep, we all had a great day today despite the weather, including an afternoon with MY Nanna and Grampy. I count each visit to my remaining set of (octogenarian) grandparents as a blessing - they are great fun and very amusing to chat to. (Funny Story of the Day: Nanna swallowed her tooth while she was eating some nuts!) And after we'd chatted, the old photo albums came out which was a real treat. 

Never looked good in yellow!
Having spent almost every weekend with them for my first decade or so, their albums are a pretty good document of my early life. I sometimes wonder whether I look back with the rose-tinting of fast-approaching-middle-age and that maybe I imagine things differently to how they really were. If that's the case, the photos have also been doctored as they depicted the loving times I remember, as well as all manner of dubious 70s clothing choices!

The funny thing about getting older is you don't realise that it's happening to you. I don't really feel any different to how I felt as a child. Yet looking back on these pictures, they don't seem like they are pictures of me at all - I still look similar and I do remember many of them being taken, but they could be of someone else entirely - that little girl isn't me, surely? How can it be? I wonder how it will feel to see my kids growing up, becoming adults, having their own lives possibly far away from me. I really can't imagine it at all. And whilst I talk to my grandparents by phone each week, I make the 4 hour journey to see them quite infrequently these days so in my mind they are still quite young and full of life - not the old people they have actually become.  Time is a very funny thing.

Anyway, here are a few of my favourite pictures from today 

THEN - 1970s grandparents just as I remember them - check out the sideburns!...
...and NOW - recorded  in wood by my father last year - uncanny likenesses
Even in the 70s the sky was grey here - but check out that backdrop! 
with Grampy - my favourite person for a long time (shhhhh, don't tell Nanna)
a rare pic with my father who was in the Royal Navy - this looks SO much like my children! 
But the prize for the best (or worst, whichever way you look at it) surely has to go to ........ *drumroll*

Wrapped in swathes of fabric to create an outfit with class and style 

I've clearly always has such a tremendous sense of style!!!!!! And don't the gloves finish it off just perfectly!?! (You'll understand now why I love babywearing with woven wraps so much.)

I have managed a grand total of zero on the productivity scale today but we did make a trip to Ikea to get some Bekvam spice racks  to make into a bookshelf, and some other fabric supplies and "bits and pieces" too,  but more on those in another post as I think it's time for a glass of wine with my mum. 

Aaahhhh - life is good for me today - I hope it is for you too.


  1. Lovely post Sarah, thanks for sharing all those lovely nostalgic photographs. Just loving that last outfit!!!!

  2. Lovely picciesx


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