Poetic Play #1: Of A Spider

Happy Bank Holiday again! It's been a cold sunny one here and we've had a relaxed day - school is back (properly) from tomorrow and the lad has had a super busy and exciting weekend with the Street Party, a birthday party on Saturday, and playtime with a favourite relative yesterday. 

Today is the first day of Poetic Play at the little list blog. Each Monday a poem will be posted together with a (long and interesting) list of related indoor and outdoor activities, crafts, recipes, books and nature table ideas. This is right up my street and I really think the children will love it. 

Today's poem, which was posted this afternoon:

Of A Spider 
Wilfred Thorley 1878 – 1963

The spider weaves his silver wire
Between the cherry and the brier.
He runs along and sees the thread
Well-fastened on each hawser-head.
And then within his wheel he dozes
Hung on a thorny stem of roses.
While fairies ride the silver ferry
Between the rose-bud and the cherry.

Marks & Spencer Puzzle
There really couldn't have been a more perfect poem for our day. We had already been playing with the Incy Wincy Spider puzzle that Little Miss received for her birthday last week. Not long after the poem had downloaded there was a loud shriek from the hallway and I found her face-to-face with this! (Thank goodness D was home to catch it, as large spiders are really not my thing *shudder*)

He *is* climbing up the spout - EEEEEK!

So after all having a look at the spider from the safety of the other side of the glass, and D safely re-homing it outside, we all headed off to the park where My Boy pretended to be a spider on a web

When we got home we looked at the suggested YouTube video of a spider making a web and then he read the poem to me while eating an apple spider snack (it didn't survive long enough for pictures) before we ventured into the garden to look at the cherry tree and a "thorny stem" .... and discovered the first roses of the year!!!!!!! 

There are lots more things for us to do around this poem so we'll definitely be sticking with it for the rest of the week. 

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  1. So fun to see you enjoying this poem with your little one. Thanks so much for posting the link to your post! Hope you have a fun week!


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