Poetic... but a distinct lack of knitting!

I think it's time for a Sunday catch-up!

Poetic Play has been fun so far, and the children have enjoyed our 'spidery' projects, although My Boy has been exhausted now he's back at school and we didn't do everything I'd hoped, so we may come back to some of the other activities - particularly the fairy activities - in the next school holiday. 

The garden has transformed itself this week. The first rose buds appeared on Monday and since then it's rained AND been sunny so everything has bloomed and shot up - including the weeds. Thankfully we have a lovely lady who came in on Tuesday and tidied it all up for us and it's now ready for Summer... just as the April heatwave was replaced by May rain! 

While the "boys" were busy preparing Cottage Pie (smells sooooo delicious - can't wait until dinner time) I have spent the morning getting prepared for Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Well... I say 'getting prepared' ... I've found a bazillion tutes and patterns (I've also added a new page so I can find the ones I like again), but still have no fabrics apart from a few scraps and fat quarters so I will need to go thrifting somewhere tomorrow morning - it can be an adventure with Little Miss. As I write, there are over 300 people signed up to participate. (If you're on twitter, you can follow updates using #KCWC. )

In other news, my knitting mojo up and left this week. I know why it is - two things on the go and frankly I don't love either of them. The toddler cardi is not big enough for Little Miss and I'm not motivated to finish it, and the Cariad shawlette... well, I think I just made a bad pattern/yarn combination, so I'm about to frog it despite being over half way through it.

Not feeling the luuurve
I'll put the Twinkle yarn aside for now while I find a pattern that's a better match and I'll get started on some Noro that arrived a few days ago.

Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn - Color S150
And now I have to get ready to take My Boy to ANOTHER birthday party. I don't mind too much as it's a CRAFTY party, so I'll be staying!!! And when we get back, the pie and a nice looking bottle of Chambertain *licks lips*.  Enjoy your Sunday, and if you are reading from somewhere that's celebrating all things maternal today -  HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!!!!!! 

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