Knitting, thrifting and clouds

HAPPY DAYS... I cast on a new project last night and with it, my mojo came back! I didn't get that much done but the fact that I am itching to get back to it pleases me a lot. 

As planned, this morning Little Miss and I went thrifting to find some fabric /pillowcases /men's shirts to transform for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Having already trawled the few shops in our tiny village, we went to beautiful Cranleigh - "England's largest village", and our former home. 

Our mission was only partly successful - there were some fairly nice shirts in the charity shops but reflecting the socio-economics of the area, they were between £6 - £12 each and frankly, I could buy a metre or more of LOVELY fabric for that so we didn't buy any of those *sigh*. However, we did manage to find a few bargains - a single bed duvet cover & pillow case set, a really old blanket (it has a sewn-in name tag that is blank from fading so much) which for some reason I was really taken with (my mum will say "what do you want with that old thing - reminds me of when we were kids") and a great 'knitting bag' all for less than £8. 

It's not until I took these pictures that I noticed fading on the pillowcase, but it should still be ok for my first attempt, a trial run of sorts. 

Of course a trip to Cranleigh wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Snoxhall Fields playground where Little Miss had fun and I mostly pondered the amazing clouds. 

The neighbouring 'brook' is now completely dry...
... so LM was able to play with the stones and twigs there

 (there are no filters on these pictures)

Home again now, and the shabby blanket has already been put to use as an extra cover for the playroom "sofa bed"...

.... and I need to figure out where to start with that bedding. Hopefully I'll be able to post some triumphant pictures later *chuckle*

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