It seemed like Friday!

All day I have had the feeling it's Friday. It even went as far as me posting my Friday {this moment} and then sitting here wondering where everyone else's was!!! It was 14:30 before I realised it's actually Thursday. What an idiot! I suspect this was due to my mind being full of many things and really not being present enough today. This would also explain why I completely missed lunch and then felt tetchy this afternoon.

Regardless, we had a pretty good day. Not only did I get onto the most fully booked Pilates class ever (I had been 9th on the waiting list for a week, AND there was a creche place for the Little Miss) but we also got back from the club to find our new Oscha Slings Woven Wrap. I was thrilled to get it - not just because the hand-dyed fabric is absolutely beautiful, but also because we got to be the second official customers of a friend I met online a few years ago. I am certain her business is set for success with such fabulous products and a genuine understanding and love of babywearing herself.

Lovely wrap & sloppy sleepy-wrapping!
It got the full approval of my wrappee too - she went to bed for her nap but woke upset with a snuffly cough (hayfever/cold/other??) and there was only one thing for it. She went straight back to sleep before I'd finished wrapping her and stayed there for a few hours after she woke and while we collected My (gorgeous, happy) Boy from school. I should tell you that I'm not used to Pilates or several hours of babywearing a 2 year old in one stretch, and am feeling surprisingly nimble this evening - let's hope it lasts.

And it's been a quietly crafty day for me too. A little knitting and after completing the crochet Apple Jacket yesterday (more on that in tomorrow's FO Friday post!) I decided to try something else so I spent a couple of hours playing around with a hook and some scrap yarn which I really enjoyed. 

Tomorrow I need to complete some things for a Blessingway I'm attending on Sunday (I haven't been to one before and am really looking forward to it!) Also on my mind are some further crochet projects as I have a pack of yarn coming any day for the purpose *grin*.

Almost all of the crochet patterns I love are from Lucy at the Attic 24 blog. This is the blog that inspired me to learn to crochet and in celebration of my first steps, here are my 5 favourite beginner patterns. 

I'm looking forward to sharing my finished objects tomorrow - I hope to see you then! 

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  1. Sarah, If I've never taken the time before to tell you how inspiring you are, then my bad. Love the new word, love all your projects and how the 'urge' gets to you!


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