Happy birthday to ... Me!

My Boy's excellent
candle arrangement
It was my birthday yesterday and D pulled out all the stops to give me a truly relaxing day,  which included:
  • a lay-in (a much treasured rarity these days) AND a whole hour of peaceful relaxation in my Body Balance class 
  • a garden picnic AND a trip to Petworth House & Park (landscaped by 'Capability' Brown and looking stunning in the May sunshine)
  • a fabulous meal, wine & chatter 
  • a bit of knitting!
Some of the highlights...

(Is it me, or does that bark look a little like chocolate fondant?? )

Even the gigantic husband is dwarfed by these beauties! 
'Knitting' mug - Banksy style,  from the kids
Our garden roses have fully opened, perfect for the tiny jar I received from a friend!
Mum & I - 37 years ago
I got up this morning to a message from my mum in Wales. She'd been through the family albums and added a load of old pictures to facebook

I find looking at many of them bittersweet to be honest - I feel so sad that my beloved Nanna Shirl (she of the button tin) never met my husband - and therefore my children - and that two of my mum's brothers and her dad have also died, so my kids will never know them either.

I have so many fond memories of my childhood with them. We were a very close family and my Nanna and uncles were a HUGE part of my early life and are remembered and talked about daily, so I loved looking at the pictures ... although I did have a lump in my throat. 
My grandparents when Nanna Shirl was in her early 20s
- Little Miss shares a lot of her expressions, a daily reminder of her
Looking fabulously retro with my big cousin
but if you squint, it could *almost* be My Boy in a dress!!!!
With all these shenanigans, I've done no sewing at all this weekend and still have a few projects on my wishlist from Kids Clothes Week Challenge, but I am at least half way through my Noro "Boneyard" Shawl, so I can't really complain. 

All in all it's been a lovely quiet relaxing birthday weekend,  and aside from the champagne and cake still in the fridge,  it's all over for another year.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it, love you babe xxxx

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Shawl is looking lovely.

  3. A lovely post as usual ... I was surprised
    (and delighted)to see that you used some of the pics. So glad you had such a lovely day xxx

  4. Happy Birthday. The photo of you and your Mum is gorgeous. That cakes looks yum! xxx

  5. Looks livke a great birthday indeed. Lovely photos. I love seeing people's photo's from the past. I agree with the comment above that the photo of you and your mum is goreous. The cake looks really yummy. Pentworth house looks like an amazing place to visit. Enjoy your garden flowers. I'm sure there are plenty more to follow.

  6. Thanks for all your birthday wishes and lovely comments :)


  7. Happy belated birthday! Looks like a great day! I love those wonderful old pictures.

  8. 2 things; that tree bark definitely looks like brownies and you look so much like your mom! Beautiful.

    Happy belated birthday!


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