Five Favourite Family Books

This week I'm playing along with List Lovers on the little list blog. I must admit, I actually do LOVE lists, and in busier times have even been known to keep a list of lists *blush* so I couldn't resist joining in with this one. 

As we have been reading from our Poetic Play booklist this morning, I am inspired to share our Five Favourite Family Books - they are the books that we ALWAYS come back to despite newer books coming on the scene and being in temporary favour. Two of them were fabulous Charity shop finds, which makes me love them even more!

Purchased from Oxfam for 69p - ISBN 0-00-664061-3

ISBN 978-0-141-38338-5

ISBN 978-0-7445-3167-1

ISBN 978-0-333-71093-7

purchased for a princely 10p/cover price 5 shillings (1970) - SBN 601 07743 1 

Whilst I am personally rather partial to reading the Donaldson/Scheffler books aloud, The Tiger Who Came to Tea is the most fascinating of these five books for me - I have read various (refuted) theories about it and I can't believe there is no intended allegory. (I am still completely undecided as to whether the "Tiger" might be the mother's depression/alcoholism or a lover, or whether it could be about Nazis.... but I DO know that the dad - don't you love the looks on his face?!? - completely reminds me of Mad Men's Don Draper!)

You can see more lovely lists, by clicking here


  1. What a great list! I know a wee one here who would love these, especially the book on frogs!

  2. Hmm... depression, alcoholism, Nazis? I've got to check out that book! :-)

  3. I'm not familiar with these. I'll have to check them out. Thank you for playing along!

  4. Lots of the same books on our list - we also love Freddie and the Fairy by Julia Donaldson and another great read is a book called Marmaduke Duck and the Marmalade Jam by Juliette McIver -love to read this one


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