A felt iPhone cover & my first knit-along (KAL)

After a few hours at Fishers Farm Park this morning, Little Miss came home ready for a snooze - affording me the perfect chance to try out the pattern and felt kit that came with the first edition of Mollie Makes

Almost everything is provided apart from different coloured threads,  a scissors and a (sharp) needle. I don't normally hand-sew anything and spent the first 10 minutes stressing about the stitches not being equal/ perfectly aligned. Then I decided to relax and embrace the "hand sewn look". In fact if I were to do it again (a possibility as I do have another copy/kit) then I may use threads with even more contrast.

I used the pattern provided but lay the pieces out slightly differently. Quite a cute little thing, don't you think? And it fits my iPhone 4 (even in a rubber outer) perfectly. 

The next Mollie Makes pattern I shall attempt is the apple cover (small 'a', not a brand-name) featured on the front of the magazine, although this will involve me actually trying to crochet something, so I may procrastinate a bit longer on that one ;-) 

I've also started my first knit-along (KAL) with Wendy Knits which I am quite excited about. I know it's a lace shawlette, but very little else. I have cast on the initial 239 stitches in EasyKnits Twinkle (I wrote about the yarn here and then frogged the project I'd started), and the first two rows have been completed so I am awaiting the next installment of the pattern tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too challenging  for me, but the fact that it's in bite-sized chunks should help with that - it's hard to get overwhelmed if you can't see what's coming! 

And in other exciting news, D was keen to report that he'd spotted Queen Thistle magically knitting in this episode of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom today. 

Wonder if that would work with crochet...???


  1. I love the phone cover, I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive.

  2. It'll be worth the wait (although saying that, I didn't wait and went out to buy a copy in-store when mine was delayed, but it arrived yesterday).

    Hope you love it!

  3. Love it Sarah! I got a copy at the weekend so I'm looking forward to making mine too!

    The KAL sounds fun too :)

  4. Have you started part 2 of the KAL? There was an error in the pattern - ammendments are listed on page 42 (or 43) of the ravelry thread. It should have started with 241 stitches but the ammendment fixes it for those of us who started with 239. xx


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