Book Sharing Monday: The Nursery Collection by Shirley Hughes

The Nursery Collection by Shirley Hughes 
This hardback edition - ISBN 0-7445-3210-8
Since my own childhood I have loved Shirley Hughes, and about 3 years ago I picked up this delightful book at Oxfam - many of our favourite books have been discovered there. It has been a firm favourite of My Boy since then. Oh, the times we have cwtched up and read it together!

There are five different stories collected in this edition which includes colours, sounds, opposites and numbers. There are also lovely scenes of nature throughout the seasons. As to be expected from Hughes, it is packed with wonderfully detailed illustrations of a little girl and her baby brother and the things they experience in everyday family life. 

It's fun to read because of the memorable rhyming couplets - the children quickly learn to join in with the last word - and perhaps also because there is scope to add a little performance when reading it aloud - who could resist

"Whisper very quietly, 
Shout OUT LOUD!"

Little Miss found the love last week - documented in Friday's {This Moment} - and I'm so happy to be enjoying it again with fresh eyes :-)

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  1. Shirley Hughes is just wonderful isn't she! Her illustrations are so comforting.

  2. Another huge Shirley Hughes fan here. I love the ordinaryness of her illustrations, I've been known to cry just looking at them, but I'm a soppy sod!

  3. We love Shirley Hughes,too.Her book, Out and About is a great book about the seasons, sadly not printed anymore. We found it in Oxfam,too :)
    Her illustrations are so vivid! Thanks for linking up to Book Sharing Monday :)

  4. LOVE the illustrations in this book!

  5. Love Shirley Hughes books,read them to my two when they where little,love the illistrations too xxx


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