Thursday Morning Musings

Long legs at last!
This morning I read the latest blog post from "Pinchypants", one of the lovely friends I made at NCT class when I was having My Boy. We don't see each other much these days, but we went through the early days of first-time-parenthood comparing nappy contents and boob-soreness and we keep in touch regularly on facebook and twitter. I was delighted when she started blogging - she is a writer (a REAL one, by profession) with a great turn of phrase who really makes me smile - in person as well as in print. These days she usually makes me cry too.

One evening last October, I was mopping the kitchen floor when her latest post pinged into my iPhone inbox. I'd been reading witty and touching posts about her DD starting school (the same time as My Boy) and could identify with so much of it. So I started reading THE post while mopping (multitasking!) only to learn she'd been diagnosed with breast cancer!!!! She's young (well, the same age as me). Her children are almost the same age as mine. Gob-smacked would be a gross understatement. That night I cried as I cuddled my kids to sleep and wondered how on earth I'd cope if it were me, and how brave she was going to have to be.

Over the months I have been following Pinchy's progress and been truly amazed and inspired with the way she has written so frankly about telling her family, her chemo, hair loss and wearing a 'syrup', going out in a designer dress and a turban (that one really made me laugh out loud) and her general F%@K CAAAAAAAAAANCER-ness. Today is the day of Pinchy's Op and I'm going to be thinking of her all day and sending lots of healing vibes. 

So this morning I'm feeling really grateful for my health (including my headache), and the things I have in my life right now, because this too really shall pass - the good as well as the bad. I have a  loving husband, My Boy still looks at me adoringly and enjoys my kisses, and Little Miss has just hit a really sweet spot and is a complete chatterbox (video link).

I'm going to try to channel this attitude of gratitude into my task for today which has been hanging over me for some time and has now reached truly hideous proportions. I can delay it no longer. It's officially TOY CULL day!


  1. I meant to add that Pinchy is doing a 10 mile walk on the Sussex Downs in June to raise money for Breast Cancer Care - she is raising money here

  2. I hope your friend's op goes well and her recovery is uneventful and speedy.

    I hope the toy cull has been successful!


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