Spring holidays day 2: Bluebells & some scruffy butterflies!

Glorious weather meant there was an obvious destination for us today - Winkworth Arboretum! As I have mentioned before, we all love it there and we got there early to enjoy a very peaceful walk in the morning sunshine (brrr - it's not as warm as it looks!) before it got really busy at lunchtime.

The first bluebells are out and it's already changed so much in the few weeks since our last visit. Of course the thing that didn't change was our visit largely revolving around one particular tree and I'm sure the kids have only seen about 5% of this place as a result. I really must go there on my own or with D one day soon to see how the rest of the place is looking.

When we got back the children wanted to paint some eggs and I thought I'd take the chance to make something I'd seen.  I came across this beautiful Butterfly Wreath tutorial by chance whilst browsing some blogs and really fancied making something similar. Sadly, I had no wreath (or even a make-do-wreath), haven't painted in an age so I don't know where my watercolours are, and this end of the day I am very limited on time... So rushed coloured-pencil butterflies it is!  (Sounding like a real winner, isn't it?!?!)

At this point, I feel it necessary to add that I am generally loathe to deface books - it's tantamount to sacrilege here - however the one and only thing I DID have was a decommissioned library book on my windowsill, purchased for 30p and languishing unread for months. Butterflies are all about transformation into something more beautiful, no? That made it MUCH easier to do this:

In progress - note the slightly sinister one on the bottom!
Of course, I was less than half way through when the little opportunists abandoned their eggs (so I have NOTHING of theirs to show you) to trash the unattended playroom. I ended up with lots of extra tidying up *sob* and have come to realise that the price for each 5 mins of peace is at least 10 mins of tidying up.

The colours are a little bland, it's so much harder to get bright colours on the paper with only 12 coloured pencils -  I must find my paints!  Oh and no time for any knitting today (yet) but I did make the cufflinks for the Spring Tulips Shawl, now 'Spring Tulips Shrug', and what my butterflies lack in vibrancy, I think I make up on their behalf today?!?!

Phew - long post. If you are still reading, thank you and well done! I'll endeavour to be succinct tomorrow. 


  1. I love the butterflies, so cute!

    And how pretty is the shrug especially with those beads.

  2. GORGEOUS photographs ... thanks xxx

  3. Very innovative with the butterflies :-)


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