Spring holidays day 1 & a Ta-dah!... Tulips anyone??

I'm delighted to report that day one of the school holidays has been great! The little ones played really nicely together pretty much all day and we had lots of fun! There was some music, some reading, LOTS of eating (4 year olds eat an unbelievable amount!), a large train track and plenty of playing outside in the fresh air.

It feels we have passed into a new phase - Little Miss is now that much older (almost 2) and able to play with her brother who in turn is willing to play with her - mainly by bossing her about and calling her Zsu-Zsu(??!?!). They were even conspiring to pinch things out of the cupboard and climb onto the table to pull the Spring decorations off the playroom window together. Anyway, it was really nice to see them getting along and enjoying their time together. Plus the outdoor shenanigans gave me opportunity to sit with them (actually I was in the middle while they rode around me on bikes) and finish my weekend project - hoorah!

I spotted some Noro Kureyon Sock yarn in the Stash sale last week which coincided with Emma Fassio's latest free pattern - Spring Shawl. A sign, surely? Knitting it, the colours reminded me of my favourite Spring flowers - tulips! 

This is a funny yarn - I love and hate it in equal measure. It's really pretty, always a delight when the colours change and the slubby texture is interesting. But... it's also quite stiff and the slubs can occur at inopportune parts of the pattern requiring acceptance or 'fiddling', and worst of all it can sometimes just make it look like messy knitting which I find quite annoying.

I wasn't sure whether to gift this, but on finishing it have decided the recipient may not appreciate the slightly raggedy look of this yarn so I'm going to keep it and make something else. Plus there is a MISTAKE! *gasp* A twisted yarn over along the front edge and I hadn't spotted it until it was blocked so this means it's definitely going to be a keeper for me. Nevertheless I like it a lot and I'll wear it.

It's a really versatile shape so more cufflinks are certainly in order. I've already selected the buttons for tomorrow (that's a good job to do while the kids are painting - which is tomorrow morning's activity.) 


  1. Your knitting always amazes me! another very pretty shawl.
    Can I ask how you get those little ravelry gadgets on the side of your blog?
    kathryn x

  2. Hi Kathryn, thank you!

    If you go to http://www.sarahspins.com/ravelry-flash/ you'll find the instructions - you just need to change it for your API and whether you want 'finished' or in 'progress'- simple!


  3. A lovely read Sarah ... I didn't know it's already the school hol there !!! Counting down here - have a fab time with those gorgeous darlingsxxx

  4. Wow your shawl is stunning, it looks floaty and light, perfect for spring.

    Your schools break up early - I have another few days of calm before mine are off.


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