Randomness.. and a bit of knitting

It is rare for D not to have worked at the weekend (the joys of being freelance), and the children have loved it, especially Little Miss who almost completely abandoned me to become "Daddy's Girl" for a couple of days.  They do make a cute pair and are quite a double-act.

LM also seems to have potty trained herself over the last few days! On Friday she decided she wanted to wear "PANTS!" and since then hasn't really looked back. I'm amazed at her independence as much as her self-control (even overnight!!!)
Our house must have been built on a huge anthill and the warm weather has lured them out, turning the garden into the workplace for at least a billion of them *sigh* - they have attempted a house invasion or twelve, but never fear as LM is on constant guard. Between the enthusiastically enunciated "PANTS!" as well as "ANTS! ANTS!" she has had me in stitches this weekend. 
We have a new addition to the family.
The Playmobil My Boy had until now (we have a cupboard full even after the toy cull) has always involved emergency rescue vehicles and uniformed figures which D has loved but I really didn't 'get'.  I decided it must be a boy thing, like knowing the names of aircraft, guns/tanks and how combustion engines work *shrug*. 

This little chap, however, is incredibly cute. I admit to being a little smitten..... maybe it's the yellow trousers.....? My Boy named him Chickenbone (isn't that a GREAT name?) and is now hoping some dinosaurs may appear for him to track down. We will have to see what we can do about that this coming week ;-)
The downside to having lovely friends who live 1.5 hours drive away is you don't see them as much as you might like. The silver lining is when someone else drives you to see them, you get to KNIT en route! I cast this little cardi on last night as part of a gift for my friend's newborn, and managed to get a good start on it in the car today.
It's a lovely simple pattern from Linda at Clickertyclick and is a perfect "car knit" as the pattern is so simple it's not necessary to refer to it after reading it through. I'm knitting it in cotton DK (the nicest yarn I can buy in our village post office, as it happens) as I don't want to send anything too warm going into summer - it's unlikely to still fit by Autumn. I'm hoping to get it finished and posted off in the next couple of days. 
The unexpected news of a close family member's ill health has thrown next week's plans a little off course. There is still a lot I need to do before our break next weekend (Glamping!) and I also have the Royal Wedding Street Party preparations to get on with, although thankfully I don't have too many things on my official to-do list that can't be handled by Ocado

And on the subject of the Royal Wedding - I came across this fabulous commemorative yarn & shawl pattern on Fyberspates - wow! I have yet to decide whether to purchase them as (a) the shawl is a chart and not a written pattern and I haven't ever followed a chart, and (b) I'm not sure I'd wear that colour, but I love the look of it and idea of that the finished article can be pulled through a wedding ring!!!!! I kind of want to make it just to try that out.
Yet again I've stayed up far too late *yawn*, might just go and cwtch up to this now...

Night night

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