Day seven: Time to KNIT!

I can't believe this is the final Knitting and Crochet Blog Week post already. What an excellent week it's been - I now have so many great blogs to follow. A huge thank you to Eskimimi for this - it's been really great. Today's topic: Write about your typical crafting time.

I have three different types of crafting time (mainly 'Knitting Time' at the moment) which can be categorised as follows:

1) "Grab any time you can" knitting - this includes at the kitchen table during lunch, when I've finished my food but while I sit ANOTHER hour or so for Little Miss to finish hers. Sitting outside the school waiting for My Boy. Waiting for the kettle to boil for an evening cuppa with the long-suffering D. While I supervise garden-play in the short time between getting home and cooking dinner....I think you get the idea!

This is time of many interruptions and up-and-downs, when rows of stocking stitch come into their own and anything with an actual pattern requiring concentration is likely to be unravelled again later. This is a great time for sewing in ends and sewing buttons on, and not really all that great for much else.

2) "TV knitting" - After D arrives home (always late, sometimes VERY late) and we have eaten, we have about 1 to 1.5 hours of "evening" and we usually collapse in front of Sky+ to watch something we've recorded. This is my prime knitting time. It's when I cast on, get to grips with a new pattern, and also when I shortlist patterns for my Ravelry queue. I'm able to concentrate during this time, but am not yet so exhaused that I make silly mistakes. I will usually have the pattern on my iPad and my iPad on my lap, like this.
Starting a new project in front of a film with the children

Very occasionally the children will both want to watch a film or something on the TV, and I'll sit in the Playroom with them to get a head-start on the evening's knitting. This time feels extra special as it rarely happens!

3) "Meditative knitting" - I wrote about this recently. This is the time of night when everyone else is in bed and I sit in silence and just knit. It's not really a great time for concentrating as I usually zone out while watching the stitches, but it's the most relaxing part of may day and I look forward to it so much. It doesn't matter where I am - it's sometimes the sofa in the sitting room, sometimes the armchair in my Cwtch and sometimes on the bed in the guest bedroom.

When do YOU get to craft?


  1. If I get the chance, I'll snatch odd minutes during my lunch hour, but most of my knitting gets done in the evenings, or at weekends. Roll on retirement!

  2. I knit in between classes or at night sometimes when my homework's done

  3. Not as often as I would like but enough to keep my happy!

  4. That's a good idea to knit while the little one is finishing up her meal. My little one takes awhile and always asks me to wait in the kitchen for her.

  5. Your flashing box of FOs and WIPS is so cool! May I ask how did you create that?

  6. Kepanie - the code for the Flash feeds from Ravelry is here

    You need to add your own user name and API - the instructions are on the links. If you want a FO and WIP one, you also need to change the status.


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