Day Five: And now for something completely different!

I had an idea for my Day 5 post as part of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. I needed my husband's help - that he's a TV/film Editor will be a clue to its nature - but by the time he got home Little Miss was unwell, so we didn't manage it :-(

The silver lining is I got to cast off her Nellie cardigan, but I was just sewing the fasteners and ends when she woke again crying. So I'm now laying with her asleep on my chest and NOTHING is finished!

To top it off, I fell asleep before even publishing this post!!!

I was laying here this morning, berating myself, and then I suddenly realised this *is* something different for me!!!!! I get things done (I'm a Landmark Forum Graduate - I am my word!). When I intend to do something then I do it. It's why I usually have only one WIP on the go at any time - I finish the job before moving on. My other posts this week have been drafted the day before posting, so this is a real departure for me. My failure to complete the task in the way I'd intended and on time, my failure to even post it counts as something different, surely? (And there it is again, the powerful compulsion to do it right!!)

Sent from my iPhone - without justifying the text or inserting Pythonesque images to reflect the post title *grits teeth and chants to self - I can do this. I can do this. I can do this*

(I do hope Blogpress automatically justifies the text or this post will forever haunt me!)


  1. lol well done sarah! I also failed with day 5 by getting all muddled and I'm not sure I'll get round to posting anything now for that one.

    by the way have you tried the blogpress app? I used to blog entirely from my phone using that app, its much easier to put in photos (tho of cousre they can only be phone photos)

  2. Hi Naomi - thanks to your blog I have been using BlogPress - all my photos are from my phone anyway so it works great for me - but I usually draft on the phone and then go on my laptop to do any formatting and make sure it looks how I want it before I publish it.

    I was thinking that maybe we could get a thread going on NM with some blog topics now 2KCBW is coming to an end. What do you think?


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