Catch up: Hunting, glamping & two candles!

Since the weekend, life has been a whirlwind! I don't know what happened, maybe time slowed down or something, but we seem to have done quite a lot over the long Bank Holiday weekend - even longer for us, we had an extra day as yesterday was an Inset Day at the school.

I think I mentioned we were going on an egg hunt - the children LOVED it - they had a wonderful time. Thankfully My Boy isn't really into chocolate and he found most of them, so D was delighted when enough chocolate was collected to last about a year.

After that, Nanna (my Mum) and I headed across Sussex with the children for some "glamping" in a Mongolian yurt at Wowo Campsite.  I haven't been camping for a loooooong time, and wasn't sure what to expect with two small people in tow but was very pleasantly surprised. 

The yurt was fantastic (exactly as it looked on the website!), large and included a gas stove, futons and a woodburner. 

Outside was a great campfire spot and picnic area all backing onto a brook and surrounded by wildflowers including bluebells and wild garlic.

The main thing missing, and the ONLY thing I didn't like about our tinier-than-mini mini-break was the toileting. We were very close to an eco toilet *deep breath, hold nose* ...

...but I really couldn't bring myself to use it and instead had to walk 10 minutes to the "proper" flushing toilet. The children were both (thank goodness!!) happy to use a potty when we were back at the yurt, which could be emptied in the eco-loo so they were not traumatised by the gaping hole with its deeply unpleasant view. Not ideal, but certainly not enough to spoil it, and it's fair to say the little ones had a TREMENDOUS time. It's reassuring to see how little 'stuff' they actually need to stay entertained and happy when they have the time and freedom to play and explore.

Highlights for the kids were Nanna's cooking on the campfire, the rope swings, and getting really really DIRTY! 

And for me, it was just so good to see them enjoying fun time with my mum. 

We took numerous crafting supplies but the fine weather kept us mostly out-doors and the closest I got to making something was a couple of improvised egg cups. 

As I have discovered any time I've been away from home with a toddler and young child, it was hard work for the adults,  but it was a real adventure for them and I hope they will remember it fondly. We all arrived back home stinking of campfire smoke, and completely exhausted with a mountain of laundry and a very full photo album :) 

If all that wasn't enough.... after such a very busy extended weekend, Little Miss turned two today! 



  1. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. Sounds like a lovely camping trip indeed. Shame the eco loo smelt. If they are set up properly, they reallly shouldn't smell much at all. Looks like you had nice weather. The bluebells look so pretty in your pictures. Jacinta

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and a huge happy birthday to A. It's lovely seeing her in ER.

  3. thank you so much for sharing, it looks like you had an amazing time looking at your beautiful pictures.

  4. Hey Sarah
    It's stafford here from Wowo, I look after the website etc for Wowo, you've got some lovely pictures here, would you be ok with them possibly going onto the gallery of the site or used at all.

    Specifically the 'boy in crate' photo and a few of the others?

    All the best

  5. @Stafford - sure, please feel free to add to your gallery :)


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