Another WIP... with fabric and sewing and BUTTONS!

The second week of the Spring holiday is almost over and I really don't know where it's gone! After the family Easter celebrations on Sunday we will be heading off for a couple of days 'glamping' - my first time - EEK! We get home just in time for My Boy's first day back to school and it'll be the second birthday of a special little lady, then a couple of days later it's the Royal Wedding and street party. Phew! 

Being a natural planner, I'm thinking of all the things I have to get sorted and packed before we go away and it's been list-tastic here all week, although I still haven't figured out the logic of taking the time to write lists and then doing everything BUT the things on the list (my procrastination technique this week).  So on Tuesday, in a valiant attempt to avoid the things on said list, I gutted, spring-cleaned and 're-designed' the Cwtch. Ok, that's a bit of a grand description, but it's basically gone from being the dumping ground for unloved furniture to actually resembling a little sitting room - more importantly MY little sitting room, my sanctuary - which was always the intention. Now there is space, I can make some things for it... 

After seeing the lovely images of frames adorned with flowers and buttons on Shabby Blogs this week, I have been feeling inspired to use up some of my fat quarters and fabric scraps. So this afternoon I started with an A3 standard cork pinboard (Vaggis from Ikea), and painted the cork a nicer colour. Then I took some scraps of a Didymos Agave baby carrier (using the 'wrong' cotton side as it matches my cushions) and glued it to the frame with Copydex. Then I set about making lots of little flowers.

Here are the first few...
There are various online tutorials for this already which you can Google if you are so inclined, so I won't show you how I am making them, but I have used a few different types so far and am planning to try a few more before I'm finished. 

Agave was never meant to be cut or sewn - the fabric was woven for one purpose - carrying a child - and frankly it is a NIGHTMARE to work with. It frays pretty much as soon as you look at it and the golden linen threads are keen to escape. This is the back of a flower after sewing. I've had to glue a felt backing onto the Agave flowers before sewing the buttons on to prevent them disintegrating. Such a nice shimmer though :)
I'm not yet sure how many flowers I will need - I'm going to keep going until I'm satisfied so I'll report back when I attach them. I have to say, the flower making could itself become addictive - I'm already imagining them with brooch backs, and sewn onto clothing and handbags. 

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